Cloud VPS FAQs

VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated Server within a multi-person environment. Each VPS hosting server receives dedicated services from the host's server, which offers a large amount of reliability and performance.
With our VPS hosting, your website will have all the essential features you ever wished for. From full root access to guaranteed CPU, RAM, SSD storage, and network and administrative options like Stop, restart, and reset so you can have complete server autonomy.
VPS usage is endless. It can be an upgrade solution from Shared Hosting, Web Hosting Server, Custom Applications, Test Environment, etc. You need to use our app, and you will see results later.
We assist with questions related to boot, network, log-in, and hardware. For website-specific help or application code, you should contact your web developer or server manager. They will contact you to find more jobs.
Yes, we have. You can add hosted hosting to our new or existing VPS product line or purchase it as an add-on. Managed VPS hosting offers complete clock management, active monitoring, and hourly and daily support from our server experts with advanced support. For more information, you can contact us.
Yes, you can increase VPS Server storage space at an additional cost after purchasing the VPS Hosting plan by following the steps outlined on the site above. You can have as much space as you want to adjust your tasks.
We offer a free one-time migration service if you purchase a VPS server with a control panel for a few months or more. For more information contact the administrative department.
You can purchase the VPS hosting plan only with the Control Panel. Then, depending on your choice at the time of purchase, we automatically install the panel on the server. It's an easy way. However, can install it. Just let us know.
Using a Private Network, you can establish secure, internal, and fast connections between all or any of your VPS. It can be used for Server-to-Server Connection, Master-Slave setup, Cluster setup, Responses, and migration.
Talk to our hosting experts to find out more.
Yes, we have provided the IP available with our services. You get one IP dedicated to the entire VPS Hosting Plan. For additional IPs, please get in touch with the support team. Contact for more details.
As your business grows, you can upgrade your VPS Hosting system. Sadly, we do not support downgrades since they terminate the performance of our servers. You can, however, contact our development team. They will help you with your problem.
We do not have a backup solution yet. However, we strongly recommend that you keep a remote backup with the Control Panel to avoid any problems during a nasty incident. We are trying to improve support systems. However, it may take some time to discover the right solution.
VPS hosting makes sense if you need full root access to install and maintain your applications on your server. Or you need additional server resources such as RAM and Disk Space that are not available with shared hosting.
There may be many other reasons to think about it, but these are the first ones.
The VPS Server panel is automatically available. Allows you to perform various server management tasks. Such as rebuild, restart private network management, and reset credentials. Also, check CPU resources, memory, hard disk, and memory.