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  •  Cloud hosting service providers

    Cloud hosting scatters your data throughout different servers. These servers can be located anywhere and are interconnected. Moreover, everything is strictly virtual. Now, if we think a single hosting platform can be efficient, imagine utilizing multiple servers.   Read More 

  •  Windows and Linux Access Software

    Windows VPS, short for a virtual private server, is a virtual machine you can use as an environment committed to your web projects. It is scaled to offer the assets you want, making it significantly more reasonable than a committed server, however offering you complete command over its organization and design.    Read More 

  •  Is It Worth Investing in a Content Management System (CMS)?

    A Content Management System (CMS) is a framework or an application that lets users create, modify, manage, archive, report, and publish their services, products, or other information to the public space.   Read More 

  •  What difficulties did online learning face in the time of pandemic?

    Their most difficult obstacle was related to their home learning environment, whereas their least difficult one was technical knowledge and ability.According to the results, the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to have the largest influence on the quality of specifically the learning experience as well as the mental wellbeing of children.   Read More